About Bernhard Tewes

“People come to me because they feel that I know what I’m talking about.”

It’s been a few years since I became a non-smoker from being a chain smoker. And all it took was one hypnosis session. Ever since then, I’ve been passionate about hypnosis and have undergone training all over the world. I’ve been working as a hypnotherapist, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and hypnoanalyst in my practice “Kiez Hypnose” in Berlin since 2013. I’m also a mentor and trainer for prospective and established hypnotherapists.

In 2017, I developed HypnoBox, which is now the most comprehensive self-hypnosis app in the world. I felt that the products on offer in this area didn’t meet the requirements I had when it came to hypnosis and meditation apps. Thanks to HypnoBox, I can offer an effective concept to as many people as possible so they can change their emotional issues. And that’s a matter close to my heart, in my practice, in the app and as a speaker.

Hypno Innovation Award 2018

“Hypno-Innovation Award 2018” awarded by the International Hypnosis Congress in Zurich

Hypno Innovation Award 2018

Hypnosis Training


  • Dr. Norbert Preetz, Institute for Clinical Hypnosis Magdeburg (Master)
  • Dr. Michael Yapko, USA, specialist in depression
  • Dr. Edwin Yager, USA, Subliminal Therapy / Yager Code
  • Dr. Gunther Schmidt, hypnosystemic trauma therapy, Heidelberg
  • Dirk Treusch, HypnoPlus, Darmstadt
  • ICHP – Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Sven Frank
  • Child hypnosis, Kerstin Freudenberg, Vienna
  • iEMDR, Ray Popoola, Zurich
  • HypnoSex, Stephanie Schenk, Zurich
  • The Simpson Protocol, Ines Simpson, Canada
  • Active awake hypnosis, Claude Ribaux, Switzerland
  • Mental Coaching, Thomas Baschab, Munich
  • NLP Practitioner (certified by Richard Bandler, co-founder NLP)
  • New Code NLP Practitioner (Certified by John Grinder, Co-Founder NLP)
  • System23, Hypnotherapie23, Alexander Hartmann
  • Nonverbal hypnosis (hypnogenic zones/mesmerism), Friedbert Becker
  • Carcinos – support cancer therapy with hypnosis, Ina Ostroem
  • Pain Control & First Aid with Hypnosis, Ina Ostroem, The Netherlands
  • Ways out of addiction, Kerstin Freudenberg & Bernhard Tewes
  • Instant Hypnosis, Sean Michael Andrews, USA
  • Rapid hypnosis, Thimon von Berlepsch, Berlin



  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), largest and oldest hypnosis association in the world
  • Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy—ICHP
  • Institute for Clinical Hypnosis Magdeburg
  • Member of the DHV, German Association for Hypnosis eV
Hypnosis Association

Educator / Trainer / Instructor for

Flow State® Hypnosis (active awake hypnosis)

Flow State Hypnosis

customer testimonials

Tina Haseney


Highly Recommended! Kiez Hypnose is absolutely transparent and well-founded and is just something very liberating, something that makes you happy while remaining very connected to reality.

Kristy Choi


Bernhard is a very knowledgeable and skilled practitioner and I recommend him to any one who is interested in delving into hypnosis and serious self-contemplation.

Juliam .B


Bernhard really is a master of his trade. Even though I didn’t believe in a big change and I didn’t think I got into the trance deep enough, a problem I had struggled with for years has improved tremendously. (…) Completely different quality of life since then. Thanks Bernhard! (…)

Simon Zühlke


Bernhard combines the two most important characteristics of a good therapist: 1) professionalism – you feel that you are in good hands with him, it is rare to find a therapist with so much specialist knowledge and 2) empathy – he skilfully addresses individual problems/questions and always has the right thing Therapy concept ready.(…)

Maria Ahrnsen


I absolutely loved the session with Bernhard! He has a calm demeanor that makes you feel like you are in good hands. You can speak openly without feeling judged. Bernhard is very competent and I think his special method is very effective. I can only recommend Kiez Hypnose!

Inventor of the HypnoBox

The Hypnosis App

HypnoBox is the self-hypnosis revolution

HypnoBox is the most comprehensive German-speaking hypnosis app with which you can create your own individual sessions! Self-hypnosis using the HypnoBox app on almost all life topics.


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